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Power Line Problems in an Industrial Environment-Un. of Wisc. EPD

·       Investigating Power System Disturbances

·       Measurement and Preparations for PF Study with Harmonic Review   

·       Preparing for Power System Calculations

·       Utility Impedance Spreadsheet Windows

·       Transformer Impedance Spreadsheet Windows

·       Source to Point Impedance Spreadsheet Windows

·       Short Circuit Calculation Spreadsheet Windows

·       Resonance Calculation Spreadsheet Windows

Advanced Power Quality - Un. of Wisc. EPD

·       IEEE-519

·       Using computers to solve harmonic problems

Electricity in the Marina - Un. of Wisc. EPD

·       Electrical factors to consider in marina design

Sewage Lift Station Design- Un. of Wisc. EPD

·       Electrical factors to consider in lift station design

Stray Voltage Investigator Training- Un. of Wisc. CAL

·       Measuring stray voltage

·       Isolation

·       Using a Dranetz 658 for stray voltage

·       Concerns with Dranetz 658 when used for stray voltage

·       New theories by Stezter/Graham

Stray Voltage Discussions

·       2002 Update

Wisconsin Broadcasters Association

·       Where does hum come from?

·       When you say grounding.....

·       Why 3 Phase?

Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture - Other Electrical Phenomina Committee

·       How to measuring 120/240 volt system noise

·       Review of what you will measure

Local Radio Groups

·       How to survive the storm


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