Charles G. Forster



Charles Forster organized Forster Electrical Engineering in January 1981 as a consulting firm. Mr. Forster has provided professional design services to electric and water utilities in Wisconsin and neighboring states, and has provided consulting services to industrial and commercial clients throughout the United States.


The areas of professional activity Mr. Forster presently pursues are similar to those pursued since 1968.


Education:          University of Wisconsin - Madison, WI

BSEE degree, 1967


Registered professional engineer in the following states:

               Wisconsin-Active               Michigan-Retired

               Indiana-Retired               Illinois-Retired         

               Iowa- Retired                    Minnesota-Retired          

               New Mexico-Retired            Arkansas-Retired

               Texas-Retired                    Kansas-Retired


Continuing Education Credits:


     Insulation coordination - University of Wisconsin

     Construction safety - University of Wisconsin

     Transmission line structure design - University of Wisconsin

     Energy auditing - University of Wisconsin

     National safety code seminar - ANSI Seminar

     Microprocessor fundamentals - University of Illinois

     Engineering expert and the courts - University of Wisconsin

     Power cable clinic - University of Wisconsin




     Oak Manufacturing Company, Crystal Lake, IL (1967-68)

               Applications engineer


     Waters & Associates, Madison, WI (1968-1981)


     Forster Electrical Engineering, Oregon, WI)

          President and owner (1981-2000)

          Senior Consultant (Since 2000)


     Phasor Labs (Proprietor)

Professional Societies:


     Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers - SW Wisc.

     Membership Chair, VP and Chair 1981-1984


     Illuminating Engineering Society of North America


Seminar Presentations:


     Power line problems in                  Los Angeles, CA (1986-87)

     industrial environments             Houston, TX (1986-87)

                                        Univ. of Wisconsin (1988-05)


     Advanced power quality           Univ. of Wisconsin (1994-00)


     Power quality investigations   MEUW -(1997-99)

                                        WECA/WFC -(1997-03)


     Stray voltage on the farm          Wisconsin Electric Co-ops (1984)

                                        Univ. of Wisconsin - Stout (1985)

                                        Moraine Technical Institute (1985)

                                        Stray Voltage Roundup (1990)

                                        Wisconsin Farm Elec. Council (1992-94)

                                        Midwest Rural Elec. Council (2002-05)

                                        NRAES (2003)


     Stray voltage training           Univ. of Wisconsin Ext. (1993-10)


     Electrical power             Univ. of Wisconsin (1984-99)

     in marinas                         International Marina Conf. (1997)


     Lift station design                    Univ. of Wisconsin (1994-03)


     Metering and harmonics       WECA/WFC - Eau Claire, WI (1993-96)


     Natural Resource, Agriculture    

     and Engineering Service           NRAES - Camp Hill, PA (2003)



Professional Committees:    


     Wisconsin Electrical Code Committee for NEC Code (1990-96)

     Wisconsin Electrical Code Committee for NESC Code (1990-96)

     Wisconsin Electrical Inspection Committee (1990-94)

     Wisconsin Utilities Assoc., Stray Voltage Committee (1989-96)

     Wisconsin International R-O-W Committee (1989-10)

     Wisconsin DNR Lift Station Code Committee (1990-91)

     Wisconsin Power/Communications Committee (1989-96)

     Wisconsin Joint Use Committee (1996-10)

     Wisconsin Dept. of Ag., Stray Voltage Advisory Council (1989-99)

     Public Service Commission of WI, Stray Voltage Docket 106 (1989-90)

     Public Service Commission of WI, EMF Docket 108 (1990-96)

     Public Service Commission of WI, Stray Voltage Steering Committee(1994-96)

     Wisconsin Dept. of Agric.-"Other Electrical Phenomena" Committee-(2000-06)




American Society of Civil Engineers. Planning and Design Guidelines for Small Craft Harbors. ASCE Manuals and Reports on Engineering Practice No. 50. Inner harbor electrical design. Revised edition. New York, NY: American Society of Civil Engineers, 1994.