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Also called "Farmer Guide to Stray Electricity Measurements"

Use Chapter "A" to work with YOUR Local electrician to determine if you have a real stray voltage concern.  

The methods shown can provide your power supplier with measurements that will help them address your concern and zero in on any improvements that may be required.

I work for power suppliers, however, if you have any questions contact me via email and I will work with you (via email) at no charge. 

Our work together will remain confidential.  All my correspondence is deleted immediately.

Stray voltage concerns are easy to detect.

Stray voltage concerns are easy to correct.

You must have a reasonable level of concern about what stray electricity levels are significant.  If you do not, the theories presented on the internet will keep you confused and frustrated.
Since Chapter A was prepared Fluke came out with the Fluke 289.  A terrific digital multimeter that has over 30 times more memory.  The Fluke 289, the computer cable and software should cost you less than $600.   A great value!!  (No, I do not sell them!)

I am working on a photo based step-by-step guide to using the 289, but it will be similar to the 189.

Meanwhile download the text version of step-by-step instructions.  This is a work-in-progress, so if you are confused, let me know and I will improve the checksheet.