Phasor Labs

About Phasor Labs

Charles Forster organized Forster Electrical Engineering in January 1981 as a consulting firm. Mr. Forster has provided professional design services to electric and water utilities in Wisconsin and neighboring states, and has provided consulting services to industrial and commercial clients throughout the United States.


In January 2000 Mr. Forster turned over ownership of Forster Electrical Engineering, Inc. to Mr. Bruce Beth.  Mr. Beth has been with Forster Engineering since he became an electricial engineer.

Mr. Forster continues to perform specialized work under the name of Phasor Labs.  The work performed by Phasor Labs has been limited to:

Forensic engineering  for electrical system failures and human contact.

Helping local citizen groups gain a realistic understand of proposed wind farms, cell towers, EMF and other electrical activities that are not understood by an average person.

Investigating stray voltage on the dairy farms and assisting as an electrical expert in stray voltage litigation.